The FACADE project is a telematic installation/performance situated at Northcote Town Hall, Northcote, Victoria, Australia. Coloured images of the facade facing south are projected onto the building itself. The projected image will be aligned to match the actual facade, except that the projected image will be altered in colour so as to superimpose a change in hue on the building surfaces.
The public determines what colours and design will be used through a java web interface, which presents an image of the façade with basic tools for ‘painting’ the image. This strategy allows a participant anywhere in the world with access to the internet to determine what will be projected. The individual designs submitted by the participants are scheduled and played out over the duration of the event, during the actual staging of the physical component of the event, which will occur from, 15 June till 2 July, 2012.
Local participants will be able to view the event on site on the night of the event.